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Raelin Saindon

 Channel & Healing Guide of

The Healing Space

The SoulTreat Show; Releasing What no longer Serves You

 Raelin Saindon, Channel & Healing Guide speaks with hosts Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse along with Wellness Universe & SoulTreat Fall 2019 Practitioners about Releasing and their unique healing practices. 

Empowering Energy, Healing and Self-Discovery


I always knew they couldn't see...

My earliest memories are of knowing, hearing and seeing things about people and my world that others couldn't see or understand. I knew the worth of those around me; I also knew their core-needs and wounds. I felt their pain, suffering and struggle to seek healing and meaning in their Human Experience. Adults in my world, even strangers would tell me their deepest stories and darkest  "secrets".


I came to manifest my experiences for healing...

I was seven when it began. My step-father told me, "all daddy's do this with their little girls that they love," and my Child-self believed. I never knew my REAL Father, so this sounded "right" to me.  Being sexually violated, neglected and experiencing the spectrum of abuse in childhood, has been my GREATEST GIFT.  


I've come to understand...

Each of our lives will be touched by pain and suffering; some of us more deeply than others. It is not in the comparison of wounds, nor the holding onto them as permanent obstacles where we find our "Identity Importance". The contrasts of experiences- those lovely and joy-filled, and those that bring us to our knees in anguish- teach us, build us and heal us if we will ALLOW.

I hold these truths

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