Raelin Saindon, Channel & Healing guide

Raelin Saindon~ Channel & Healing Guide of The Healing Space


My childhood holds the threads of neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuse that have colored the tapestry of my Life.

I can't erase the experiences no matter how painful or difficult it was and still can be to speak about and reflect upon.

What I CAN say with absolute honesty and sincerity, is that they have been my GREATEST "teachers" and I now live in deep gratitude for them.

You may be thinking, "How can she say that?!" I'm sure you may even be questioning the truthfulness of those statements; especially regarding "deep gratitude?"  I completely understand that and believe me, I've heard worse when I share that with others; but it is TRUE.

 I now know that the gifts born out of suffering, trauma and tragedy provide opportunities for our deepest needs of connection and insight to be met. It is in that space that we "find the gold" in natural ways of BEING and showing up.  Pain, suffering and conflict exist as patterns in our Human Journey in order to RE-mind and RE-turn us to Soul. 

The gifts these experiences, (and those that followed), gave me are my greatest treasure and source of strength.
I didn’t come to this place without scars and wounds that cried out for my own healing- and I’m sure you haven’t either.  I want you to know that what you’ve endured, lived through and continue to struggle making sense of- doesn’t define your Soul, nor does it have to lay claim on your present and future. You and I are MORE than the violations, wounds and suffering we have lived through.  The message that my Life speaks is I am worthy, and so are you.

The work that I engage in is highly connected and intuitively-lead which allows you to gain deeper insight and release quickly in what I call an "Accelerated Healing" process.  Intentionally working with the modalities I have invested years and money in, energizes and empowers you in your own healing. We are here to heal, RE-member and connect to Soul.
I invite and welcome you into The Healing Space....  

As a  Channel, Healing-Guide and Coach, I am proud to Serve and Empower others in understanding, realizing and stepping into their Soul.

I know there is no other purpose in life- WE ARE PURPOSE.

~Raelin Saindon, Channel & Healing Guide

The Healing Space


This space is intentionally and thoughtfully created for your transformational healing. My own lived experiences of childhood neglect, sexual trauma and abuse have been Divinely-woven into a deep-level of connectedness and rapport I am able to build instantly with you.

Allowing and accepting the transformative power that my own experiences have brought into my life, as well as years of research, self-understanding and healing, I intuitively perceive and speak to your deepest level of healing need. 

The space I hold here allows you to witness and connect so completely with yourself; often for the first time in your remembrance.  

I am convinced that it is the mission of our Souls to experience this life through Healing, and in doing so, each of us "Re-turns to The Re-remembering".


If you are frustrated, fed-up and ready to break the patterns of your behaviors~

If you are ready to release your stories about your wounds/trauma and forgive~

If you are seeking a deeper awareness, awakening and Soul-connection... 

Contact me today for a Free 15 minute Healing Insight conversation. The impact my own healing journey has had upon my life has enabled me to guide, serve and hold healing space for so many others; I know I can do the same for you.  

We are not meant to remain in suffering, but to accept the lessons and thrive on the other side.

~Raelin Saindon

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